About Me


Hellooo. My name is Emma, and as you can tell from my punny blog name, I’m a writer.

I’m in my early-to-mid twenties, I live in Kentucky, and I’m a few kinds of queer. I have a girlfriend of half a decade who lives far away from me.

Vegetarian. Lazy. Optimistic. Night-shift worker. That about sums me up.

I’m going to keep this blog about writing, with book reviews scattered in there.

My Writing

Title: The Anderson Triad.
Genre: Mainstream.
Length: 45k.
Status: Draft 2.5; sent to Editor.
What it’s about: Polyamorous dyad Meredith and Conrad meet single guy Tobias. Tobias and Meredith fall in love, Tobias and Conrad become best friends, and they live happily ever after. Or dooo theeey?
Involves: Polyamory, queer main characters, queer background characters, alcoholism, working night-shift, coming out, phobias, depression…

Title: Untitled – Parker’s story
Genre: Mainstream.
Length: ~17k so far.
Status: First draft WIP.
What it’s about: After being disowned and kicked out of his home, Parker moves to a new city where he meets a group of beautiful queers who accept him as one of their own.
Involves: Queers, queers everywhere, LGBTQ, queer characters, queer relationships, acceptance, love, everything that goes along with queerness.

Title: Untitled – Nina’s story
Genre: Fantasy.
Length: 25k.
Status: First draft.
What it’s about: Siblings Nina and Tyson have discernible and impressive injuries, involving a missing eye and mangled leg. Sage and her toddler, Shannon, are just trying to get by. Sage and Tyson enjoy a quickly burnt-out romance, but everything changes when Tyson and Shannon are kidnapped. Nina and Sage, two women who have barely said two words to each other, suddenly find themselves in a frantic search to save their families.
Involves: Implied queerness, tarot cards, fantastical transformation, character with eye patch, other things I don’t want to name yet…

More will be added as more happens.


2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I like the style and tone of your blog.You seem grounded, and not so self-facing as some blogs on writing I’m seeing. No small feat.

    I’ve got a 2nd book coming out in July, this one is non-fiction, a how-to for novice writers, Titled ;Tell Me (How to Write) a Story’.
    The last, Claiming One (2013) is a collection of short stories, The blog Roof-beam Reader had some nice things to say about it.
    May I forward your contact page to my publisher, she may want to inquire about a guest blog post, or review, or interview post from you.
    E.J. Runyon (fellow nano-er)

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