A step back

I changed my GoodReads challenge from 55 books to 45 books. I’ve decided that, with everything else going on (moving across the country being only one thing), I don’t need to feel guilty about falling behind on my reading, and 45 books is more doable for me right now.

I’ve been working on writing my novel, and I’ve come up with some good plot, but progress is still slow. The more I replot, the less I can use that I’ve already written, which is a terrible feeling. Part of me wants to say ‘screw it’ and go back to my other draft, just insert a subplot there…and that’s looking more and more appealing. But urgh. I know this new plot is the better one, and I hate the thought of sending queries for something less than my best. It’s just horribly frustrating.

Posted from my phone, so please excuse extra typos! ESJ


One thought on “A step back

  1. Ah, the frustrations of figuring out a better way to go with a book.
    It’s a pain, definitely.
    But in the end, you want to put your best out there. Take the extra (unwanted) work, just roll with it, and know that every second of frustration will be another second closer to surpassing the expectations that you had for your book (baby).
    Good luck!

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