My Life

I just realized I hadn’t posted here about this yet. I’m officially 99% sure I’m moving to Georgia. I hate calling anything 100%, so know that I’m calling this as much a sure-thing as I am comfortable calling anything a sure-thing. (I could, after all, die later today and thus not move to Georgia. Things happen.)

I have an apartment, I’ve applied for a few jobs… I’m excited. Nervous, but excited.

My apartment… Ah. It’s a lovely thing. The building has turrets, so we (my roommate and I) have named it Hogwarts’ Georgia campus.

My mom is sad, but getting excited for me. I was so concerned about her, I barely gave a thought to other people who might not want me to move–like, say, my grandmother. Just didn’t cross my mind. And my aunts/uncles, and sister-in-law (mother of my niblings). They’re the ones who have so far expressed disappointment in the idea. But if my mom can get on board, anyone can.

Anyone reading this: I don’t suppose you live in Georgia, particularly in or near the Athens area? If so, let me know.

Posted from my phone, so please excuse extra typos! ESJ


One thought on “My Life

  1. I actually lived in (and then near) Savannah for awhile while my husband was stationed down there, but I’ve never been to Athens.
    I hope you have a much better time there than I did, though looking back, some aspects of it were very pleasant.

    Good luck!
    Moving is such a pain, but hopefully you’ll enjoy being there.

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