Bi Women

Bi Women is a newsletter in Boston that runs on submissions from (you guessed it!) bisexual women.  I’ve known about their fall 2013 issue for a while and I’ve been going back and forth about whether I should submit or not… And I decided today….

Of course I should!

There’s absolutely no good reason I shouldn’t.  My only draw back is that I’m wanting to focus on my novel, but the sad fact is, I’m moving so slowly on that, taking a little break might be an excellent idea.  The maximum word count for the submission is 1.5k, so it won’t take me long.  I relate so strongly to the theme (“Bisexual Enough?”) that it feels terrible to think about letting this chance pass by.

Not to mention that I have zero writing creds to my name.  This would be something.

I cranked out about 800 words just now, and I’ll leave it alone for a bit… read it again in a week or so and straighten it up (no pun intended).  I’m also looking for beta readers–any takers?


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