So this whole ‘have a novel ready for publication by the end of the year’ is really messing with me.

I think what I need to do is read some novels from the New Adult category, particularly some coming-of-age ones, because that’s what I want my story to be…but I have such aversion to most of the books in the category that I’m loath to spend money on them (particularly with other big expenses looming on the horizon).  Urgh.  Earlier tonight I even considered for a full few minutes making the story YA. 

I love YA, don’t get me wrong, but it would just change…so much.  The biggest thing stopping me is that my characters would have to get different jobs, which would change the plot quite a bit.  And I like the jobs they have.  Plus, I want to add something non-erotica to the New Adult category.  On the other hand, having a healthy poly relationship in a YA novel would be fantastic—but probably not very publishable just yet.  That can be something for me to write in the future, after I already have a few bestsellers out there and people are wanting to publish anything I will let them.

I’ve also considered biting the bullet and making the darn thing genre romance, but I just can’t.

Alas!  I know my plot needs to be altered greatly.  But I’m not so good at the whole plotting thing (if I were, I maybe wouldn’t be in the mess).  Therein lies the problem.

On the upside, I do think I may have figured out my first scene.  My first scenes are always so, so boring.  That’s one reason I need to read some New Adult coming-of-age stories, so I can figure out how to open the story.  I think I’m going to start with the introduction to polyamory.  Right now, polyamory isn’t mentioned until…a quarter of the way through the story?  Something like that.  And it really needs to come in earlier, so why not opening the entire story?  It will hopefully be grabby for the readers and start the story off right.


I’m falling behind on my reading, but I blame a week’s vacation in which my long-distance girlfriend came to visit, and we sat around doing nothing but playing Scrabble and working our way through fifteen episodes of Boy Meets World.  I’ll get caught up on my reading, no worries.  I’m almost finished with Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s The Lost World and I’m working on a few others, too. 

I’m going through such a weird time in my life.  I feel like being better at my writing, like reading more, like being more dedicated to the literature-y parts of my life will help.  I hope, I hope.

Posted from my phone, so please excuse extra typos! ESJ


2 thoughts on “Messy

  1. I’m actually having a very similar struggle right now.

    I’m not so sure that my book would fit in YA, as there are some ‘mature’ subject matters, but there are no graphic … erm … Well. You see, I struggle at even saying that, so clearly there isn’t anything overly ‘erotic’ in them. I had no idea, until looking just now, that New Adult was only New Adult because of sex. Aren’t there other more mature subjects, apart from that one?

    It’s a little ridiculous, I think. I might be a bit biased, due to my current frustration on the matter.

    Picking a set genre should NOT be so confusing.
    You’re not alone!

    If you haven’t written it yet and just have the idea in your head, I say write it however you want to write it. If you leave things out that you want in there, or put things in there that you don’t want…Well, I can only speak for myself, but I know I would never be satisfied if I did that.

    • Cheers to that! I don’t particularly like reading or writing sex scenes, and because of that, I don’t want them in my book. Since I’m writing about a polyamorous triad (in the New Adult category, at that), I’m afraid potential readers will be expecting erotic scenes, if not for the entire book to just be erotica. Ugh.

      I did read a New Adult book without any sex scenes, though–called Don’t Ask by Natalie Bell, and it dealt with drugs and that feeling-stuck feeling I think a lot of my generation is getting hit with, hard. I wouldn’t mind having my book compared with that one in the future.


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