My Goals for 2013

To Do:

Get a tattoo.
Polish The Andersons’ Story.
-Start queries for Anderson.
Read 55 books.
-Post reviews here.
Write Parker’s Story (done!).
Win a NaNoWriMo (done!).
Dye my hair again.
Move to Georgia.
Have a tea party.
Go on at least five adventures.

What have I accomplished this year, so far, you ask?

We are now in May, and the answer is…not much.  So, I’ve made a little To-Do list and plan to keep up with it here—it will turn this blog into a bit more than a reading/writing blog, but so be it.  Some things are small, some are big, some are specific, and some are quite vague, but I want to do these things this year.  At some point.

Get a tattoo—I have an idea in mind.  A phoenix and the sign of the Deathly Hallows.  I don’t have a final picture, and I’m not 100% sure where I want it, but I think on my leg.  Hopefully I will get this in the next few weeks, and hopefully it isn’t the only tattoo I get this year, but we’ll start with it.

Polish The Andersons’ Story—my first novel.  I want a new plot, which will involve new scenes but hopefully I can keep most of what I have already written.  Once I get the new stuff written and everything arranged the way I want it, little edits will start.  Then I will get it read by someone(s) else, and then I will edit again, and then I will start sending out queries.  I don’t know how long this will take.  Hopefully not too very long.

Read 55 books—I’m working on number 18 right now.  According to GoodReads, that puts me at 1 book behind schedule, so I’m doing well considering I stopped reading for a month for Camp NaNo.  I do want to post reviews for each book I read, both here and on GoodReads, and there’s one I read a month ago that I haven’t written a review for yet… I’ll get around to it, promise.

Write Parker’s Story and win a NaNoWriMo—both done, and at the same time!  Whoo!

Dye my hair again—from my natural dirty blonde, my hair went to brown last year and then to bright red earlier this year.  I want to play with some other colors (or maybe just red again), and I think after I move and get a job (and make sure weird hair colors are appropriate at said job) will be a good time to experiment. 

Move to Georgia—this is the thing I’ve been thinking about the most tonight (I’ve been looking at prices for U-Hauls and apartments).   I’ve told my mom that I want to go, which is a big step for me.  She doesn’t like the idea, but she sounded like she wouldn’t really try to stop me, which is good (not that I thought she would, but she can, when so inclined, pour on some guilt).  I’ll be moving with my friend Dustin, and possibly my friend Josh as well.  There are some sub-to-dos involved here, such as (a) quit my job, (b) find a new job, (c) find an apartment, (d) move out of my apartment, (e) actually move, and I will get more specific as the time draws nearer.

Have a tea party—I think I want to do this before moving, as a fun way to say good-bye to friends (including roommates) who aren’t moving with me.  I’ve lived in my current home for three years now, and it will be bittersweet to move out.  I think a lovely tea party would be a good way to leave things.  Then I want to have a tea party at my new apartment, after I move.  This might sound creepy or it might sound fantastic (I’m going with fantastic), but I think if I can meet some nice people on OkCupid in the area, and throw a tea party for them all, it will be a good welcome-to-the-neighborhood type deal.

Go on at least five adventures—the most vague of those on this list!  Moving to Georgia will count as an adventure.  I imagine there will be plenty of exploring I can do once there that will count for the other four.

More will be added as I think of it.  But this looks like it won’t be too shabby a year, eh? 

Posted from my phone, so please excuse extra typos! ESJ


One thought on “My Goals for 2013

  1. You’re certainly making forward progress, hurray!

    I’ve nominated you for a Liebster award. Here’s how you claim it:

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    Here are my questions:
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    Are you more of a planner, or a spontaneous person?
    Are you organized or messy?
    Who’s the best character you’ve ever written and why?
    If you had one day left to live, what’s one thing you’d want to spend that time on?
    Who is the most important person in your life?
    Are you working on anything writing-wise at the moment, or taking a post-Camp break?
    What catchphrase do you say often in conversation?
    Out of your favourite fictional characters, who’d make the best sneaky ninja?
    Where are your backup files?
    Do you believe in true love?

    You can check out the facts I shared and see your fellow nominees at

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