Day 30ish!

I made it to 50k.  Technically, 50,003 words.

The last 3k or so, I was really struggling, but I got them down.  The book isn’t really finished…  As it is, it does tell a story: beginning, middle, end.  But it isn’t the whole story I want it to tell.

I simply cannot keep working on it, though.  Sorry ’bout it.  It’s such a complicated story, and while I do love the characters a lot, I need a break.  I’ve been itching to get back to my first book (since I decided the darn thing needed to be replotted, urrgh), so that’s what I’m going to work on next.  My Andersons are going to be my focus, and I’m going to make them very shiny.  That’s my project.  If I say it enough times, it might just stick–I have a bad habit of making writing promises that immediately fall apart, but I need this.  So.  I’m going to do it.

I had entertained thoughts of participating in July’s Camp NaNoWriMo as well, but I don’t think that’s such a good idea.  I have enough first drafts.  I need some second drafts.  I need some rewrites and edits and polishing and queries.

It’s so odd, isn’t it?  How I can struggle and whine and groan and pull out my own metaphorical teeth for hours, trying to get words on the screen, willing to give a lot to stop… and then I finish, and I can’t wait to move to the next project.  

Let’s do this.


Day 27ish

We’re almost to the end of the month, and I’m closer than I’ve ever been to the 50k mark. (Actually, if you count the 16k I wrote for this story before Camp, I’m well past 50k…but I rewrote a lot of those scenes this month, so I don’t know how much is still usable.)

I’m quite proud of myself, I cannot lie about that. The story has moved far away from the original plot, but that’s because unexpected characters have taken over–if I can write the original story, too (some of which is in the pre-Camp 16k), and rearrange some things, I think this could form into an impressively medium-length novel.

To celebrate when I reach 50k officially, I think I want to get my next tattoo. I’ve been wanting to get it all month, but I’ve been a little distracted, and I deserve something pretty.

I’m thinking about making some big life changes as well. I might be moving out to Georgia–a six-hour drive from where I am now. Thinking about lots of stuff related to that. I wish I didn’t have that to distract me from writing just now, but deadlines are coming up, leases are going away… Wish me luck, eh?

Oh, and I’m vaguely considering blogging about different things here. I like the idea of keeping it to reading and writing, with a hint of personal stuff, but…different things could be interesting, too.

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A plug – and Day twenty-one

I’m going to start this entry with a plug for The Kelworth Files, a fun blog about writing and NaNoWriMo. I was featured as part of the blog’s A-Z NaNo Challenge (the letter Q!) so you should definitely check that out, as well as the rest of the entries.

And as for Camp NaNo itself, I’m a bit behind, but catching up quickly. I keep slacking for a few days at a time, and then writing 3-4k in one sitting. If I can do that a few days in a row, I’ll be just fine. I’m at 33k, only need 17k mooooore. It’s so very cute to look at my bullseye and see the arrow near the 75% mark.

I’ve had a few revelations, which are too much fun. I feel like I might actually be able to do this–all of it. Finish this book, finish my first book, submit it to agents, auuuurgh, I want it all. I went to SOKY BookFest yesterday, met Henry Winkler of all people, and spent $100 on books. Then I enjoyed a panel on contemporary fiction, my genre, and had a non-related revelation about my non-Nano book, the Andersons, and I had to contain my freaking out. It was awesome. I thank the creative writing and reading energy of the BookFest. I really need to find more things like this.

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Day 15ish

Today’s my birthday! My birthday present to myself will be…writing 3k. Maybe. We’ll see.

I’m on track for NaNo, which is great. I don’t think I’ve ever made it to the middle of the month without falling behind before. Progress! If I can get a little ahead today and then just meet the regular daily goal, I might just finish a day or two early… Yikes, that’s a scary thought.

I’ve decided to work on the Anderson novel this month, as well. So far, that’s mostly just been putting it on Scrivener and leaving empty spots for scenes I still need to write, according to my new plot outline. And I’m not allowed to work on it at all before I reach my word goal for the day on Parker’s story.

Parker’s Story: Current word count: 24,202.
Goal for today: 27,000.
Expected for today: 25,000. 🙂

Hope your novels are coming alone well, as always! Let’s do this!

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Day nineish

I wrote all of nothing on Day Seven, so on Day Eight, I cranked out 3.3k, just enough to put me back on track. My plot is thickening, new ideas are coming out of nowhere, and I’m loving it.

I’m currently wondering if Simone should go back to being Simon (as indicated in original plot line) or if I want her to stay a woman. I guess we’ll see.

I’ve only got about 200 words for today so far, but today started less than an hour ago. I think Wendy’s about to tell Dylan that Simone is a truly terrible person…but Wendy keeps surprising me. Either way, all their friends are about to catch something flu-like and it’s going to be gross (I thought I couldn’t top the three-inch long centipede from days two and six, but I’m going to try).

I used to say “no Sims during NaNo month,” but I think using them as a reward for reaching my daily goal is a better motivator. Too bad I have nine MCs and there can only be eight Sims in a household.

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Day fiveish

We’re in the morning of Day Five and I am up to 8,620 words.  Not too shabby, considering my usual rate.  I wrote about 3k yesterday morning, which put me a little ahead, and I’d like to stay that way, but I’m so tired.  I spent last night playing weird games with my roommates doing research and getting inspiration, instead of actually writing–so I guess it’s lucky I was a little ahead, since today’s not going to get much more done.  

A plot seems to be forming in my little story.  I think I have an idea about how I want to structure it, which is good.  Even at a party where all my characters had gathered, I had trouble getting out of one’s head and into another’s, so I’m going to put them to sleep and when they wake up, I’m following a different character.  I think that will be fun.  Not the worst way to get to know the characters, anyway.

I left my cabin because I had about 6k and someone else had about 500 and the rest had a grand total of 0.  Now I’m in a new cabin, and people actually have word counts, but I can’t get them to talk.  I may just have to deal.

RainyMood is fabulous.  I listened to it while my characters were waiting out a storm–fantastic.

Hope your novels are going well!

Day One

I reached the daily goal for NaNo. I’m exhausted, so I’m going to sleep, but I wanted to post a quick update first. Hopefully I’ll be awake before midnight and crank out a little more.

Nothing has happened yet in the story. Oh well! That’s what the rest of the month is for.

Side note: Telling people you’re getting published as an April Fool’s Day prank isn’t nice when they believe you, and will get you called a jerk. But it’s still pretty fun.

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