NaNo is coming…

November is so close. I keep saying that to people, and they stare blankly back. But you all know what it means, right?

The other day, I started really trying to outline my novel. Last year, my outline was little more than, “Meredith meets Tobias, he’s adorable, she gets punched, they start dating, yay polyamory… Other stuff happens…” I want some more this year.

This year, I have a basic plot already. I know where they start and where they end up. I know that there needs to be a lot of obstacles along the way, but I only have a few of those figured out. We’ll see how that goes.

Everyone else getting a little nervous as November looms closer? I’ve wanted it to be here for weeks, but now… Gulp.

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I’m at 6k on my companion piece

I’m proud of it, really. I was worried that putting these two side characters in the spot-light would change them, but so far, they’ve stuck to what they’re supposed to stick to.

And I’m about… 200-500 words away from their first kiss. It’s getting pretty intense, so I’m going to have to wait until I’m not at work (I have a feeling I will cry for this, so). One of them is sobbing uncontrollably and the other is so confused, ugh, I love them.

Posted from my phone, so please excuse extra typos! ESJ

Waiting for November…

Since I’m not allowed to write on my new story for now, I’ve started working on a companion piece to the Andersons’ story.

One day, when the Anderson triad is super famous, you will all understand why I keep going back to them.

Except this isn’t about the triad.  I’m writing about a couple of secondary characters: Tobias’s brother and Tobias’s brother’s boyfriend.  They have a wonderful little love story that deserves to be written.  They’re cute and sweet, together and separately.  And I love them so much.  I’ve got a couple thousand words so far, but I know what will happen–the story has been running around in my head for a while now, so I have the dramatic moments down pat.  Just to put them into words…